The Walk-Around Magician. Performing Close-Up Magic. Table-Hopping and Micro-Magic.


What better way to treat your guests at your next party then to have a skilled sleight of hand artist mingling and entertaining!

Watching magic from inches away can be astonishing. Few people get the opportunity to see a competent conjurer close up, performing micro-magic, and the experience can be unforgettable. 

Magic is a wonderful ice-breaker, as well as being a special treat. Magic has the potential to bring out the child in all of us, and watching your friends watching magic, can be as entertaining as the show itself!
Get you guests talking, and give them something to remember for years to come!
Close-up magic is great for groups large and small, and keeps the party buzzing with excitement.
Damian, the magician in Prague, specializes in close-up, micro-magic. He makes everyday items vanish, reappear, multiply and change color--and sometimes, even in the spectator's closed fist!! 
The table-hopping magician can perform surrounded, and can adapt to the environment, making him a valuable addition to many events.