Stand Up and Be Seen!

Do you want to give your guests a special treat at your next party or get-together?
Would you like a show that all can sit back and enjoy together, in the comfort of your own home?
Or how about a special draw at your next fund-raiser, or special event dinner?
A Stand Up Show can be enjoyed by all, together!

Whether at your local club or in your living room, at the community center or in your backyard, the stand up show is designed for all audience members to enjoy, simultaneously.
While Close-up Micro-magic is ideal for groups up to 15, a Stand Up show can accommodate audiences well into the hundreds.
Watch, as the performer calls up your friends, colleagues and relatives on stage to involve in hilarious antics and incredible magic.
Lots of laughs, guaranteed!!

Damian Stand-Up


Damian - Magician - Prague